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Steve J.

Difficulty exporting Vectorworkd Model to DWG

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I am having a great deal of difficulty exporting what seems to be a fairly straightforward 3D Vectorworks model into a DWG (or DXF for that matter). The model is a two floor apartment as 3 separate design layers with layer 1 showing the first floor, layer 2 showing the ceiling/floor beam layout, and layer 3 showing the second floor.

I am using VW 2014.

What I get when I reimport the DWG file back into VW to check it is some detail on layer 1, all detail on layer 2, and no detail on layer 3.

I can't figure out what I am doing wrong, or how to get a clean import.

The file is too big to upload on this BB. However, you can download it here: Vectorworks file export problem www.jjworld.com/ht/Apt_1&13_Actual.vwx

I need to do this because I can't find an architect in the Miami-Dade/Broward County, FL area that uses Vectorworks.

Thanks in advance.


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When I opened your file in VW2015, there were a large number of classes turned off. It seems that you are exporting without those visible. I did a DWG export (granted from VW2015) and opened it in eDrawings and everything was visible.

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Thanks for your response. Yes, I didn't want those classes visible or exported. They are furniture classes that I use for space planning, but didn't need to go to an architect. Did you turn on the classes before you exported the drawing?

I tried to use eDrawings on the exported DWG file, but couldn't get the 3D model to rotate. The 2D plan view looks correct in eDrawings. However, when I tried using the Autocad online viewer (which allows me to rotate the 3D model, I got the same bad results that I got by reimporting the model back into Vectorworks: parts of the exported model are missing.

There might be a bug in VW 2014. Is there any way I could get your DWG exported model? Since I am currently not on maintenance, I doubt that Vectorworks support will help me.

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Steve, I have looked at this some more and I am getting the same results that you did. The model looks fine in VW but in exporting it and viewing it in eDrawings, I see initially one layer in plan but on rotating it, things disappear with only the detail you have seen left.

It may be that your file is corrupt. Is the equipment or furniture symbols from other sources?

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