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Vectorworks 2016

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It looks like caustics and a physical camera / renderer with depth of field and maybe vignetting...

Hopefully it means that CineRender's awesome capabilities have been more fully implemented.

Is it September already?

Sounds like a plausible scenario...rendering has become so important, sometimes to detriment of the final result. Hopefully the new capabilities won't affect the speed of the renderings.


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I assumed it would be released this coming Tuesday given past experiences.

It seems there's some code in VW2015 so that it will tell Service Select customers when the new version is available. Its different than the service pack dialog.... and my version is up-to-date. Perhaps adding the VW2016 serial number triggered it....


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The serial numbers are indeed supposed to appear now, preceding the imminent release of 2016. Any current Service Select members who haven't gotten them yet, will have them before the release itself, at which time the downloads will appear as well and the good stuff can begin.

Vectorworks 2015 was NOT supposed to notify you that a new version was available until it was actually available however, that was an error that we have since corrected.

(Bad 2015... bad. I suspect it's misbehaving at the prospect of being replaced by its younger sibling. )

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