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The 2015 video was loaded to Youtube Tuesday Sep 16th, which was the release day.

I think we had that video 2 weeks (?) before on this forum.

So I bet the release day is Sep 15th, as it is the Tuesday.

So I don't expect the 2016 video before September, which is ok for me as Eurobike

has ended on 8.29. and I am ready for software news then :)

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about sketchup import.

c4d r17 got skp import(skp 2015 version too), but remesher is not so clean as in vw and can not convert skp's component to c4d's instance. But it also import camera and skp's curves

What's going with skp import in vw 2016?

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I've been using revit for the past few years and I think it's the best and true BIM package on the market. However, I'm getting back into architectural presentation stuff and I prefer C4D for this type of work which means I have to get back into vw :eek:. (The last time I used vw heavily was vw2008 however I'm well aware of all the new features since. Through demos.) I've been checking this thread out and it seems that project sharing is misunderstood by the vw engineers. Surely, NemV should be looking at the competition and how they implement similar features. eg:

While someone has a layer checked out, no one else can modify anything on that layer until it is released. However, you have a full log of who checked what out and when, even WHY as long as they left a commend explaining so, which they should:

The above statement tells me that the vw's project sharing isn't going to be as powerful as Revit's Worksharing. Vw's old workgroup reference system, the project would be split into many files with a level per file which means 1 person can only use the file at a time. The new system is improved slightly by not having to reference files into another however only 1 person can work on a floor/layer at a time. Revit allows multiple users to work on a single floor/level/layer simultaneously-true project sharing. Jim, please correct me if I'm mistaken.

As an observation, one synchronises a model with a central file a lot, I mean A LOT. With vw, it take 2 clicks to do this and over the day that's a lot of clicks. Revit has 1 button that takes care of this. Vw should have a button to synchronise the local model to the central model.

Also, I didn't use the window tools provided by vw as it doesn't allow me to get the look I wanted in my drawings. Can one create windows with the new Marionette tools with both custom 2D and 3D visualisations and obviously, can Marionette objects be placed into walls with appropriate cut outs?

On a general comparison, I enjoy working with revit's elevation/section "levels" where these levels can or cannot determine floor plans. We can generate a full multi-story model and in elevation/section we can have levels where for the typical floors, no floor plans are generated except for 1. In vw, we have to generate unnecessary layers/stories. I also like Revits floor plans as it behaves like cutting planes slicing through the model and 2D representation of objects are handled by Revit (like the Auto Hybrid object but for the whole level and on steroids). I also like Revit's parametric features where one can lock dimensions and relationships of objects. I can go on and on. For sure it does have it's negative however on an overall score, I prefer Revit.

Anyway, I'll wait for 2016 and hope it comes close as I really enjoy working with C4D as well.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes, in 2016 it will be one user per layer in this initial implementation of Project Sharing. However since the Layer/Class structure in Revit and Vectorworks are so different, the limitations are not the same.

Save and Commit is one command, you can map it to a single key if you like.

You could indeed use Marionette to make your own custom Window plugin object from scratch, it would be a lot of work on the front end, but worth it if you were going to use it regularly and it met your needs specifically.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Ok ok fine I'll leak something else! But this is the LAST one! (Barring whatever Marketing folk choose to leak or release early, but I truly haven't heard any plans to do so.)

A very small part of a larger feature. See if you can tell what this abstract example image is showing off. This isn't an official example or anything, I just slapped it together:


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