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Vectorworks 2016

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3D Point cloud import is exciting. I imagine the cost on reasonably-capable 3D laser scanners will drop over the next 5 to 15 years with improvements in technology.

I look forward to the last time I need to use a tape measure & LDM for gathering building dimensions and site model data.

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Another question about project sharing:

Is there any issues with cross platforms? Can both a PC and Mac share at the same time?

No issue, the same project files will allow both Mac and Windows clients to work with them concurrently.

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Initially they were laid out as that flowchart UI you saw earlier and you had to right click on any one of the nodes and manually use the Run Marionette Script command on them to get the effect/geometry that the script created.

But now there is a wrapped mode where you can double click on a Marionette object you created (if it was something like a lamp, door or other parametric object) and then see the nodes inside the guts of it in a container editing mode, then changing the nodes and connections and leaving that editing mode would run the script and alter the object.

However since that was also a bit cumbersome on its own, now by default the nodes that ask the suer for specific values or data input will export their fields in the OIP when that Marionette object is selected so you can edit it more like you can a regular Door or Window plugin object, where the height, width etc. can all be altered directly from the OIP.

Then you only need to enter and alter the nodes/connections if you wanted to alter how the object behaved or responded to input, rather than to change any values at all.

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Point Clouds: will it be possible to define the vertical & horizontal display range for imported Point Clouds?

EDIT: Never mind, I watched the Youtube preview video again and answered my own question: Clip Cube functionality for Point Clouds is already there.

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Well - several weeks ago NV emailed me a limited-time Vw2015 / 2016 upgrade offer that expires on Sept. 15th, so....

Hey now, everyone knows that math and deductive reasoning are both forms of CHEATING!

Has any special attention been paid to Standard Naming and Auto Classing?

Of that I am truly unsure, this year there are... MANY features and changes. It isn't the most tasks ("tasks" in the software engineering sense meaning enhancements, bug fixes or completely new features) in a version that we have ever had, but possibly the most large tasks that we've had in a very long time.

Unfortunately with a list that large I cant keep it in memory constantly, as my work has been on the 4 large features that peeks were released for earlier this year as well as the other unreleased large features, which get more video and demo attention during release time than either less flashy or less wide-ranging features do.

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