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If the UI is in English then it I believe it should be in the first release phase. I mean, if you got it on the same day as everyone else last year it'll be the same this year. The Dutch and some other localized language versions roll out afterwards on their own schedules, which I can detail Soon™

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Even the English version as distributed in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) used to need some reworking from the local distributor and both the (Benelux) English and Dutch versions were released at approximately the same date. Last year the (Benelux) English and the Dutch version came out almost simultaneously with the US version if I remember correctly. The Dutch localised version will take some 4-6 weeks from release of the US version this year so I am expecting the same to apply to English version over here.

Should the Benelux IE version come out shortly after the US version this year while the Dutch version takes 4-6 weeks longer this time then maybe I should consider moving to the IE version after all. Otoh, if the dual language interface does get implemented .... (hint)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The first small bit of the release... is this!


This subforum will house some instructional tutorials and exercised for Marionette. Since a lot of you will be experiencing not only scripting for the first time, but also the flowchart-esque interface, this will help get your feet wet.

Also, this and subsequently the next forums we move to, will house the initial Marionette sharing area, where employees and users can swap files and Marionette objects. We have increased the file size limitations to make this a little easier, and if you run into any issues (Once you have Vectorworks 2016 and can USE them for the first time!) uploading or downloading files, let me know and I will correct it.

For this exact moment, you can download the files but not view them, since they are in Vectorworks 2016 format and 2015 cannot open them. Sadface. But you will be able to open them after 2016 goes live, which will be within hours of this post! Happyface!

Subsequently, I can now answer ANYTHING about Marionette, (as long as I, you know, KNOW the information. If not ill grab someone who does.) down to the details, and am already working on the video versions of the Marionette tutorials that you all should have in your hands within a few weeks at most.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

PRETTY confident it will be between the 16th and the 23rd of September. From the notation here it looks like its been passed to them for the changes they need to make. From what I recall that distributor changes a few things for that version.

EDIT: HOWEVER! Check with your distributor directly, as they are in control of their dates: http://www.vectorworks.net/international/ Anything they say overrides anything I've said.

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But but but.... then i have to stay up till tommorow morning.... In dont like timezones :(

Then that would have to be tomorrow morning a month from now if you have the Dutch version.

Unless you are only interested in the new features overview on the US website.

I have the international version, last years it was the same day I think. But I can be mistaken...

Looks like the international English version will be the 16th as well, but the localized dutch language version will be near the end of October. Sorry for not knowing, almost all my work is in the US version and revolves solely around its schedule, there are plenty of employees that could probably rattle off international release dates and facts off the top of their heads, but they are not I.

EDIT: HOWEVER! Check with your distributor directly, as they are in control of their dates: http://www.vectorworks.net/international/ Anything they say overrides anything I've said.

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I tried and always get step 4

Vectorworks Trial Version

Unexpected Error.

Our records indicate that your email address has already received an evaluation download and serial number of our software.

will reset cache of browser...


after reseting similar error

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