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Can't reset page size

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We're using Vectorworks 9.5.3 on Mac OS 10.2.3.

I made a project template on one computer, on which it works just fine, but when I moved it to another computer it developed a problem: the "page setup" dialog will still allow us to change the size, layout and scale of the page, but the page size outline on the screen will not reflect this change in any of the files created from this template (the page outline seems to be permanently stuck as a Super A3 sheet, in landscape format, at 50%.) Any ideas on how to fix this? Both of these computers have CarbonLib 1.6 installed.

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Have you tried "Set Print Area..." in the Page menu? Sometimes the print area in VW9 gets stuck (instead of being on "One Page", it shifts to a specific size). We encountered this problem a lot in VW9.5.2 -- we even had it progress to crashing VW when Page Setup or Print was inititated. The solution there was to export a VW8 file and reimport.

Sarah Sarnelli

Jackson & Ryan Architects

Houston, Texas

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Katie: the same 2 printers are set up on both computers, and one or the other would have been selected when I saved the file on the first computer. On the second computer I get the same problem regardless of which printer is selected.

Sarah: your about the menu command for resizing the page works - thanks. I haven't yet tried your idea to export to VW 8 and then open again in 9....

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