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Trying to understand level types...

Dieter @ DWorks


I was refining my templates, and I can't seem to find where those pesky level types come from I don't want. When I delete them and save as template, creating a new drawing from it, or just opening the template make them appear again. From where are those comming and how can I have my own ones being taken instead?


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I was able to save the attached vwx as a template containing only my custom level types. I think the "built-in" Level Types are gone from my Default Level lIst because I created a new layer (story layer) via the Create New Level dialog when I created one of my new level types. If I open a new file from my template, the Default Story Levels list shows only my custom Levels (Types).

But, those pesky "built-in" level types are not completely gone. They are displayed along with my custom Types in the Level Type pulldown list in the dialog for Edit Story> Create New Level.

And, I can't determine why the Create Layer section of that dialog does not always create a new layer. It seems to only create a new design layer when creating a new level type. It does not create a new design layer by editing an existing level (type).


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