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Automatic title block updates?

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When I make updates to a referenced title block, I have to refresh each title block by going sheet to sheet, selecting the sheet border, then selecting one of the object info components. Is there anyway to automatically update/refresh all of the title blocks at once within sheet borders without having to go sheet to sheet?

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Not sure what you mean about a referenced title block. Are you referencing the title block symbol from another document?

But 2 things:

1. If you have the sheet border set to lock to center, then dragging it away and letting it snap back into place is faster than changing a parameter and changing it back.

2. I think that running Utilities > Reset All Plug-ins will do it. In a big drawing it may take a little while, because it resets every door, window, wall, etc.



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+1 for Utilities > Reset All Plug-ins

Note that this is an option in the print dialog. I find it best to keep it on.

As for bulk editing, I use a worksheet linked to the record. Copy and paste are great! It can be found here in the shared worksheets. It's been around a while...

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