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Publish is rasterizing text

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Just noticed that my Published to pdf sheets always have rasterized text. The option for rasterize text is disabled in dialog for each sheet.

To test, I enabled the option, published (= rasterized text), then disabled the option and published again. Same result. Text is rasterized.

Export or Print to pdf produces unrasterized text, as expected.

Did I miss a Publish setting or pref?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I am unable to replicate this on Windows or Mac.

If you create a new blank file and add a single text object, then viewport it to a sheet layer and publish or save a view of it and publish with Rasterize Text off, does it still do it?

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Henry - a theory:

It's the font! I'm using Avant Garde. If I switch to Geneva, or Century Gothic, or several others, the text is not rasterized.

But this is new to v2015 and mac OS10.9.5. Avant Garde was not rasterized by Publish in v2014 w/10.6.8

Font Book indicates a name table error. I'll see if I can find a new Avant Garde and try that.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

A font-specific issue would make sense since myself and others testing that same file didn't get the same result. Especially if FontBook is popping an error up.

If the font was installed on an earlier OS and migrated over to the newer 10.9, it could have become corrupted during that as well, I see that fairly regularly especially if it was upgraded multiple times.

Sometimes just a reinstall of the font cures it.

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