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Scale Field?

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Is there any way to insert a text object into say a title block which contains the scale of that layer?

This way if you change the layer scale to print to a different sized piece of paper the scale field would change along with it.

Make sense? Is this something that exists somewhere and I just can't find it?

BTW: I am using VW Spotlight v9.5 on Windows.



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There is a drawing label symbol in the Drawing Graphics.mcd Object LIbrary file.

However, if you change the scale of this layer, you will need to edit the symbol or place a new one in the drawing again as it will not update automatically.

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Is there a way to gain access for the scripts that make those objects? They have some features that I would like to incorporate into some custom PIOs I'm making.

Also, I'm using VW11 and they seem to update properly when I change the layer's scale. Is that right? When I place a new drawing label into the file, it's the same size as the ones that were alrady there and have been through the scaling operation.

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