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BIM servers, common data environments and main contractors

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Jeffery, thanks for the tip. It looks interesting but I clicked on "Click here for free trial" and instead of allowing me to sign up for a free trial it sent me to a general contact form. I presumed I had to then submit the form, ask for a trial and wait to hear back. That's a very old-school opaque way of doing things. Why not just let people sign up for an account and try it instantly? Does it mean perhaps they need to hold your hand because the software is not intuitive? Who knows.


Annoying enough in itself, but then the contact form didn't even work. I get "Sorry, an error occured. Wrong reCAPTCHA", despite there being no visible reCAPTCHA in Safari or Chrome on Mac.


There's no link to an email, so I can't even contact them easily if wanted to. Even the location map at the bottom of their webpages is broken. It's a snazzy looking website but when a company gets basic stuff like this wrong it doesn't exactly bode well for a sophisticated cloud-based data sharing service.

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I checked some information about BIM+ and have a cup of question for you, if it's not problem.


First of all: who generate the firs IFC model? Is the IFC model the only considerable file formate to use or the team can choose other formats? I think about a situation between VW, ALLPLAN and Revit user for example.


And 2: can you give us more information about the work-progression and some suggest or focus point that we must consider during a CDE definition?


Thanks a lot and have good work.



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Hello All, 


I'm reviving this topic as I'm trying to decide wich BIM platform we should use among all the available solutions... I've been looking at BimCollab, BimTrack, Bimplus, Revizto... and I must say that it makes my head spins... Only Revizto has a VW plugin, but I did not manage to see how good it was. BimCollab and BimTrack are very similar, BimTracks allows mixing of 2D and 3D documents, what I find very usefull. Our fluid engineer is using BimCollab... so I was wondering if that would be an argument in favor to choose them...  I've also tested importing bcf in the VW bcf viewer... it is a very good idea but not yet so fluid and easy to use... Would someone have a first hand experience to share?

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