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Viewport of Aligned rotated plan view cut through a specific area

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Okay a little goofy here. I have been drawing stage lighting systems and things for quite a while and I have had many times where I get trusses or set pieces going at odd angles to each other. Typically I make a very goofy classing structure to allow me to isolate just the stuff I want to see and do a set view to an angle I want if say I wanted a front or side view of the thing in question.

I am curious if anyone else has other methods that might be better for accomplishing this. Thankfully I am working on a semi simple project and I am hoping to play around and find a better method and curious on what others do especially the architectural folks out there.

I attached a screen shot of the item in question. This project has 4 trusses running at diagonals making a "V" shape at center. I want to see just the outside trusses on each side. These trusses have a handful of striplights hung at goofy angles and I want to put notations on these lights in a viewport. I want to make a viewport of just the truss shown without showing the other stuff in front or behind. Kind of like a section viewport (which has been one of my work arounds in the past). I want the viewport to basically show the profile of the truss showing those lights. I am hoping there is a way to dictate the starting point of the view like a camera view and an ending point. Also hoping to get this as orthogonal.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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I would (and have) use a section looking in the direction of the camera you drew in. You can control the depth in the Advanced Properties of the Section Viewport in the OIP. Its a button near the bottom. You can limit the view to the length of the section line, adjust the depth and the height. You can also switch the projection of the Section Viewport to perspective if you want it to be more like a camera rather than a true elevation view (also in the OIP in the middle).


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Would it help to draw the 2d and 3d truss, labels and attached stuff oriented in ordinal position, then contain the assembly in a symbol? Place an instance in the drawing at any rotation. Edit symbol from the Resource Browser - display starts in ordinal rotation. Sections and Clip Cube are still available, as is symbol edit of instance rotated on the drawing.


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