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Title Block, Record Linked text wrapping?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I am not aware of an automatic way of doing this, I have submitted a number of requests on this topic exactly.

For the moment I believe you actually have to copy the carriage return from a text object or other text application and paste it as if it were a character in the actual text you're adding to the title block, which I think needs to not be the case.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Don't worry, its confusing because its silly.

In the below image, i wrote a line then another line, ive now selected the return, which sort of exists as a character between the two lines. Its not copying a space, but the actual return at the end of the first line. So I selected right after the "e" up to right before the "S":

If you copy and paste that thing into text that's going into a title block, it'll perform a wrap at that spot. Also if you just typed out the text that is to be included in the title block including the properly done wrapping you want from some sort of word editing application, it should pick them up and include the carriage returns as well.

EDIT: This is no longer true as of Vectorworks 2015, only for 2014 and prior.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I apologize! There is another way as of Vectorworks 2015. Add a # sign at the end of the NAME of the record field for that title block, that should then allow wrapping.

You should be able to see it in Vectorworks 2015 and later in the default "My Custom Title Block" title block as an example:


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That worked! Thank you Jim. I had the # but not the S_ in the front. * Wish list would be that you could do this and it wouldn't change your default sheet title to only show the information in first line. If that makes sense.

edited to add image:

It used to say Upper Level Mods @ UnitA in the organization palette, now it only says Upper Level. This may cause problems if I were going to attempt to do a record linked sheet index. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Still quite not there yet. :)

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