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Geodesic Dome

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Surface Array was what I looked at first, the problem with that is that for a true geodesic dome the triangles are not all the same size. I ended up downloading software that is specific to geodesic domes and exporting a SAT file and importing that to VW and tracing it with the 3D polygon tool and then doing an extrude along path.

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I downloaded several geodesic domes (3v and 4v domes models) from 3d Warehouse for a project I am designing and am now past the schematic stage of my project. I would like to convert the 3d faces of the individual triangular panel lines into structural struts (2x8 framing members or tubes).  Has anyone done this with a script?  I was making headway constructing it with the few unique members and mirroring and rotating (changing the pitch, and rotation of the joists but it became more and more difficult by "hand". ) At some point I had to convert them to 3d solids so I could rotate the members and things went South from there.


I wonder if a simple there's a way for someone (not me)  to write a simple script that says...Oh look, there is the start and stopping points of a  3d line (or side of a 3d poly). Put those values into a framing member POI (or "structural member") and place it where the side of the panel are.   Zip zip, done... right?  


(BTW, none of the links in this thread are active anymore) 


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8 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

@JimWislandmon’s old geodome thread seems deactivated (referenced above). Can you retrieve it? Maybe his script and info are still viable in recent versions. It was a super cool analysis and drafting for domes.





The thread itself works: (Unless I'm misunderstanding which one you mean)

However it seems to like somewhere that is no longer active and was not stored on the old forums directly.

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