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Repeating Units, Multifamily & Workgroup Referencing

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I'm wondering what practices others are using for BIM projects where you have repeating units such as multifamily or hospitality?

Do you do design layer viewport referencing or Layer import referencing?

Do you create a Masterfile and then copy to create production files or is there a way you can create a Masterfile with all your copied references and then reference that in its entirety into your production files?

I guess I'm wondering because I'm at a point where my file with all my references and sheets combined is getting really large. To remedy this I want to separate them into production files (plans, elevations, int. elevations) but if one unit needs to move I would then have to make the change in all my production files.

I have also read that nested referencing creates a lot of problems as well.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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If I understand you correctly. If your file is getting large and you have different people working on plans and others on elevations I usually use VP referencing and not layer import, this way you don't end up importing all the information only view it. I use cropped VP ref for the plans to project all the internal elevations.

You will have lots of repetitive items like basins etc so I create symbols for these.

Breaking them up is ok as long as you don't move the items in the design layers that way your viewpoints don't have to be re-cropped to find the new location of the item.

Always copy and replace in same location (Ctl Alt V).

If you want to copy viewports from one drawing to another you group them, copy and past in the new drawing and ungroup then reactivate the design layers and they all refresh with the original information. Otherwise the computer says you cant copy viewports.


See attached, Italics show that the plans are xrefed in and the highlighted plan is a Viewport, if you break the Xref your plans dissapear soyour file is small..

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