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separate solids

Chris Brough


Can you separate one generic solid into multiple generic solids based on separate objects within the generic solid?

My screenshot shows one generic solid is selected. I'd like to use a single tool to separate them into two solids without having to [copy > paste in place > create solid to subtract one & repeat on other instance]

Thanks in advance for your help!

[edit] i guess push pull will work too but i'd still have to paste a second instance in place and edit both..

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes, done. I don't think all user accounts are able to move threads, but if so, the button on the top left for "Manage Post" and then "Move Post" would let you move it to another forum. Since I wasn't sure if you had access to that, I've done it already.

Submitting request now.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Added a separate wish for the Split tool to work in these situations as well. Currently it only lets you split the object if the split line crosses part of the solid, if you just draw the cut line between the "two" figures you're trying to separate it doesn't perform the split.

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