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Cursor & Floating Data Bar

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Hi Jim,

It's actually a little tricky to get it to happen if you're trying... but of course usually I'm not trying, so it happens frequently!

Anyway, the issue isn't the ability to tab into the FDB; that works as expected.

The issues is that if the cursor gets on TOP of the FDB, the FDB and whatever's being drawn are temporarily frozen until the cursor is moved off of the FDB. You actually have to move the cursor pretty quickly to get it on top of the FDB (and when working fast, the cursor tends to be moving pretty quickly...). It seems to happen most often with dimensions.

I'll try and attach a little video. When I'm moving the cursor back and forth on top of the FDB, everything's frozen 'til I get the cursor off of the FDB.

Thanks! -Will

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Whoa! Never had that happen. But I'm built for comfort, not for speed.

Those non user elements seem foolproof. Reminds me of the winning MacHax Best Hack 2003.

https://tidbits.com/article/7244 (sorry, no video)

The MacOS glowing/pulsing progress bar fills normally during progress. Progress bar should dissolve when full at end of process. Instead, an unstoppable, Aqua themed stream of blue “water” spills out the end of the bar and begins to fill the dialog box, complete with sloshing waves.


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