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Avoid repeating elements on window/door schedule

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This probably has a very obvious solution, but today is my first time working with schedules on vectorworks and I haven't figured it out yet. Say I have about 5 door/window types and they all repeat throughout the project. How do I go about setting up the schedule to just show the type, without repeating that line however many times the element is repeated in the project?

I just want to have a schedule with those 5 types and be able to adjust parameters in the schedule and have them apply all elements of that type.

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Another question relating to this- now that I'm using the summarize/sort buttons, I'm unable to manually add/delete rows as necessary. I'd like to add rows (for notes) below the reformatted data, but whenever I insert a row, I'm unable to drag it to the bottom of the worksheet. Any tips?

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I think you are misunderstanding the difference between Database rows and Worksheet rows.

A Database row shows you allow the objects in a drawing that match a certain CRITERIA. Without any filtering, each object shows as a separate subrow.

You can use the Sort tiles to arrange the subrows in whatever order you need, as long as you can create a column that has the order you want.

You can use the SUM tile to "collapse" multiple subrows into a single row (all objects with a width of 36 inches for example. If you have a numeric column that is the same for all instances of a collapsed subrow, you can "UnSUM" it by dragging an additional SUM tile to it.

Each subrow is Linked (inextricably) to one or more objects in the drawing. You can't manually enter data into a subrow, unless there is a record/field to store that data. There is not way to show DATA (not calculations) in a subrow that is not somehow attached to/ stored with the related object.

A Worksheet row is just like a row in Excel. It can access data about one or more objects in the drawing, but only ones that you have somehow manually told it about. For example, you can COUNT all of the objects in the None class, or get the AREA for all of the object with a Pen Foreground color of RED.

What you can't do in a worksheet row is get the Pen Foreground Color of all the objects in the None class.

You can not add a blank row into a database, because that is not what it is designed to do.

If you can get by with your noted beside the object, you can create a record format with a notes field and attach that to the objects, Then you have someplace to store the note along with the object.

I hope this helps. If this is not enough, let us know and I or someone else will try again.

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