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Using Plug-in Strings - examples anyone?


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Larry -

Your 2nd question first: You access Plug-In Strings using the "GetPlugInString" call, as in "GetPlugInString(5001)" to grab the string stored in location 5001.

Now, your first question: They're used anywhere text strings might be used, allowing for relatively easy language localization (as opposed to having to write specific code for different spoken languages). Examples:

- Any and all dialog labels and helps.

- Dialog pop-up contents (like "Top," "Bottom," and "Center").

- Error messages.

- Labels for displayed text (such as "Type" in the Speaker tool).

- Class names specific to and created by a given PIO.

- Names for Resource a given PIO might generate (like the black deck texture in the staging tools or the Coverage Zone hatch in the video tools).

- OIP button labels and separator text.

That help?

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Thanks Andrew. That insight is very helpful.

There was a time when the documentation that came with a program was as robust and informative as the application itself. Now it is more of a guessing game as to what key words a search tool will respond to (and hope there is a wiki entry somewhere out there to find)

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