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Trouble with Export to DWG (best practices with referenced files)

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When I export to DWG from Vectorworks, my sheets are showing information from the layers below.

The first image is how my sheet file looks and prints, the second is after I export to dwg and re-import the dwg back into vectorworks to see how it looks.

The third image is my current export settings.

What best practices are you using when exporting VW BIM files that contain many references to AutoCAD users? If possible I would like to send a BIM package that contains all the 3 dimensional project information and still preserves the visibility settings that I have created on my sheets.

If that isn't possible 2D exports will work as long as I can get them to export with the correct visibility settings.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Found a few other threads on this topic from older releases.

So the first thing that helped was changing all my layers have "use at creation" checked. This helped clean it up but my insulation hatch pattern is still wacky and some things are still showing as transparent or not at all.

The other suggestion I found, was to view it through a dwg viewer rather then re importing into vectorworks. If anyone knows of a free dwg viewer. (The mac store has progeCAD but that didn't work to open my file... )

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We use AutoCAD WS to check .dwg files. This was available as a free download from the Autodesk website but I understand they have an online .dwg checker on their website instead now.

We also use the free CAD viewer at www.sharecad.org

If you would like to send 3D BIM information to other consultants and clients then I would recommend using the .IFC format rather than .dwg. Although we're still experimenting with the best export settings for this.

Tekla BIMsight is a great, free .IFC viewer for checking files exported in this format.

Hope that helps.

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i actually export with 'viewports as 2d graphics in the model space' checked, i'd suggest to try to use this one. additionally, i remove all hatches and fills.

ifc is a fully separate export, there is hardly a comparison, unless you really need dwg with 3d functionality (i dunno if it's possible with vw, though).


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