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Spotlight shutters: not ready for primetime—still!


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I am actually too tired to go into detail now, but I have been struggling with the spotlight shutters for 4 hours in the hopes that they'd (as the SP5 package notes indicated) been fixed.


So very delicate!

They indeed do not crash the app anymore, but neither do they function in any meaningful way for rendering purposes. Upon deploying the shutters the first time, everything works as expected.

Every time I changed a shutter, it lost functionality completely tho wireframe showed it as still in place.

[font:System]How many renders could a render-man render if a render-man could render?[/font]

Rant out.

Couple more things:

Base File was saved from a VW 2014 file.

BUT all lighting fixtures came from VW 2015 libraries.

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That's an intriguing notion. Here's the side other... [img:right]https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=12049&filename=Screen%20Shot%202015-04-01%20at%207.42.59%20PM.png[/img]

Looks like they'e both confused.

Also, the shutters seem to react inconsistently in the sense that

the "right" shutter moves the camera right shutter (inconsistent with real world), but the :"top" shutter moves the camera bottom shutter (consistent with real world).

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The reversed shutters is not the rendering engine. Shutters in Beam Draw work just fine.


As for soft shadows -- I believe this is expected behavior. A shutter cut is essentially a shadow. If you run a barrel all the way out, you see the line of the shutter start to disappear.

I do see that while creating a larger differential between the beam and field angles softens the edge of the beam, it doesn't affect shutter cuts. This is probably a limitation of the rendering engine not being specifically designed for lights with shutters (or gobos). Maybe someday, but my guess is this level of functionality is in the domain of visualizers.


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Josh was kind enough to point out that I had placed the two BD 4 fixtures in the same physical space and so there was a necessary collision of shutters. Once I created a space between the two fixtures, no problem with the beam draw shutters— yay! What that means to me is that what the wireframe shutters display closely matches the rendered beam of light, this is not what happens with the spotlight shutters as detailed above.

Sadly, the Soft Shadows option does obliterate the BD 4 shutter cuts. I look forward to a day when all the parts of this puzzle come together.

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