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Flipping windows

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Inserting single hung windows in a wall. I don't seem to have any control over the flip. After insertion I see in the OI palette the "Flip" button. Pressing it does nothing. So in plan view some windows are set to the inner side of wall some to the outer edge of wall which means some are backwards. When inserting the window I move the cursor to one side or other of wall the flip takes place, but when I make the final click it sets it on its own. It would be okay, if the flip button worked. Maybe the flip button is for something else?!

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John - Did you find this? The interior/exterior faces of a wall control where the trim, shutters and a few other window parts display, not the window flip or rotation.

Select the wall and click the OIP button for Reverse Sides to see the trim move to opposite side of the wall.

The flip controls hinge/open position for doors and some windows. Add an open casement window to a wall and click the Flip button a few times to see the change.



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