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angle wall

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I have two walls that meet at 90deg. I would like there to be a 45deg section or chamfer. I can't figure out how to chamfer the walls. Is there a special wall join?

Or do I just place wall at the desired angle?

Also, I have another wall that runs 45deg and my wall fill is a pattern - diagonal lines but at 45deg wall the pattern is either parallel to wall lines or perpendicular as it won't adjust to the 45deg condition. Can I change this?

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Do you mean have the line show where the walls miter together? That can be done by turning on the walls cap at those two ends, which you can do under "Caps" in the wall's object info palette.

I THINK Tile fills will align to the wall they are applied to, but Hatch and Pattern fills will use a global mapping while inside wall components.

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For the Miter, you will need to manually draw another wall and then delete the "hidden" portion you don't want.

If you only have a few sections of wall at angles, you can use a Hatch or a Tile for the fill. For the walls at the angle, click the Fill Hatch (tile) Settings button in the Attributes Palette. Then in the Hatch Settings dialog box, check the Use Local Mapping and set the Rotation to what you need to get the hatch to follow the wall.

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Patterns are arrangements of actual dots, therefore can't be arbitrarily rotated.

Hatches, however, can. In the Hatch creation/editing window there are check boxes for Rotate In Wall and In Symbol. Checking the In Wall box will align the hatch with the wall direction.

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