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Section Viewport settings?

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I hope this is an easy one.

Is there a preference settings for the default settings of viewports? In the past I seem to remember "Limited by Selection Length" Being the default setting. And I thought Depth range could be set by how far you extended the last leg of the section cut line.

Now each time I want to crop I need to go into the OIP then Advanced Properties... and change the setting.

Same thing with Line Length Mode for Drawing Label objects being defaulted to "auto fit."

I'd love to get these back to my old settings but I can't figure out how.


Sean VW 15

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

From what I recall, it is supposed to keep whatever the previously used settings for creating a viewport or a section viewport were set to, but it does not seem to be doing that now, it keeps resetting to the default.

I'll test it further here and see if there was a version where this last worked in as expected and submit it as an issue if so, if not, as a feature request.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In testing here, that default setting keeps for me. If I enable "Limited by Selection Length" in the creation of a section viewport, it keeps that setting for any subsequent sections created.

If you create a new blank document and test it, does that appear to be the case? Or does it not keep that setting in the new document either? (Or am I misunderstanding your question entirely?)

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Thanks Jim

In a fresh document I am able to get it to stick with Limited By Selection Length. But I still can't get the Fixed length to work with the auto-inserting drawing labels. I changes the settings in the OIP before inserting one--like you'd do with attributes--and I changed it at different times and ways after being inserted. I can't get that one to stick. It's not a huge issue, I just am pretty sure it was not that way in the past.



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