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2015 Fit walls & general wall errors

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We started off a project recently in 2015 on my insistence. Just a few months into it, it seems that I am switching us back to 2014. It's all due to the confusing issues that the wall tool(s) are causing us.

I added some screenshots to show one of the issues. I show how both the 2014 and 2015 versions handle the same - Fit Walls to Objects - command.

The exterior wall assembly used is a basic wall with only the exterior siding extending 12" down past the flooring.


At least for 2014.

2015 just messes it completely up.

This is just one of a number of issues with the walls. On some walls (same design layer… same story… etc), I need to enter completely different hight numbers to make them be in the same plane. i.e.: I may have to set one's Z to 0' while another needs to be at 8'-9" ??

I am baffled.

Another item you may notice in the screen shots has to do with the text: in 2014, the grouped text in iso shows unflipped… while in 2015 it gets continually flipped. Sometimes I need to enter the group… and put all the text back onto the Screen Layer.

Needless to say, I am starting to believe the rumour around here that we are to never trust an odd numbered year of VW. Best wait for 2016 and in the meantime, stick to 2014. I tried to break that myth… but I just haven't had any luck. Perhaps VW can switch to updating every 2 years instead of trying to push it out once a year??

Any help would be appreciated.

Meanwhile… back to 2014.

VW 2014 & 2015 with the latest SP's as of March 20, 2015

iMac 3.4 GHx intel core i7 w/ 24GB RAM

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Otto,

I sent you a tutorial explaining Level, Layers, Stories and Wall Styles for 2015 via email.

As you've experienced, wall styles have changed somewhat. The components within a wall are now capable of being bound to a LEVEL. Your 2014 wall styles may not work correctly depending on how you have the binding conditions set up.

I create ALL my stuff "from scratch" meaning that I DO NOT use any of the templates or wall styles that ship with the program. This way I'll be able to troubleshoot stuff easier.


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I am probably encountering some of the same issues. I have the file set up with stories and story levels. When I changed my slab thinkness i got issues with the walls. I had to set some of them up with a minus (some -200 some -50, not in relation to the wall style) on bot bound to get them to show the correct height. "bot bound", "layer elevation", "top bound", "layer wall height". On some stories everything updated automaticly but one floor i got big problems with. A temporary fix was to copy the wall into a blank file and copy it back. That works for now, but will give me problems with the IFC Globalld in a later stages of the project. The problem is sent to my local Vectorworks guy and sent further to VW in U.S. It did not fix itself in the update yesterday.... As my local goy called it your walls are currupt, but why are they currupt. I will see if there is a better way to set up the file, have not used a BIM template. And got the same pdf as Wes is talking about. Will keep you updated on the issue.


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