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texture bed with clipped surface in the center



I would like to be able to create a texture bed that has a void in the center, such as the lawn area in the middle of a circular driveway. See the attached file "model". The brown texture bed in the center is a driveway that needs a void as seen in the "plan" file.

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I think this was answered in a previous post, but here is how I would do it:

Before beginning, create a new Class called PAVING (or whatever you prefer): In the Class Setup Dialog make sure that "Use At Creation" is Checked and set the Texture of the Class (in the Others Tab) to Asphalt.

1) Apply a Grass Texture to the entire Site Model. Do this right in the Object Info Palette (OIP), in the Render Pane. The entire Site should now look like Grass.

2) In Plan View, create the shapes that you want. In your case you might need to use two different objects, and one of them will have been clipped from the first. To start, create a closed polygon or polyline that covers the entire area of the road. For now just go ahead and cover up the circular portion.

3) Create the circle for the center of the circular drive. Use the Circle to Clip the original Poly. Delete the Circle.

4) Select the Road Poly (which now has its circular center clipped out) and then run the command Objects From Shapes; choose Site Modifier>Texture Bed and in the Texture From Class field choose PAVING (from above).

5) Make sure the Site Model is set to Show Proposed, and Update the Site Model. You should now have what you want.

7) If you don't, or if you should decide you want the circular part to look like something else (e.g.: ground cover or bark), use a Circle to create a second Texture Bed, same procedure, with a new Class and Texture as desired.

Let us know if you succeed!

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Peter - Did you get this to work? Your instructions should work, but

A. The poly with the hole clipped out does not create a texture bed with a hole.

B. Creation of a 2nd texture bed for the planting/lawn stacked on top of the road TBed does not move to front. It might be there, but is obscured by the road TBed. I think TBeds are not allowed to intersect or surround other TBeds.


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