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This must be a dumb question but here goes:

I'm trying to make a two vertical panel door with transom above - I can't seem to find a way to line up the transom with the door vertically or seal the frame between them without making a full depth transom sash.(?)

I believe I've dialed up the proper panel settings with no two panel result?

Suggestions welcome. Thanks

...Would add image if I could figure out how to attach.

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Hmm. OK for the Door Leaf, try using one (1) vertical Muntin. To make the transom glazing align with the door glazing try increasing the width of the sash (which will also make the top and bottom transom sash wider, which may not be desirable).

If all else fails, you can use a (separate) Window in the wall above the Door. Not my favorite way to do it for a number of reasons, but it might give you the control you need to get the modeling/rendering accomplished...

Post back if you have further questions.

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Doors and Windows have lots to be desired in Vectorworks but that is for another forum.

You could model something out along with the door but of course this does take more time but...you get the look you want. Simply turn the model and door into a symbol. I've had to do this in some circumstances but once its done you've got it for other projects.

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