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Alan Woodwell

VR - Virtual Reality

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@ccwHi, the phone units are ok, but the proper headsets like the Vive is a world apart, higher resolution and an immersive experience. You need to try a set out to see the difference. The new wireless Vive is out in the UK. Mine is the cable one. The new unit is sold only as the headset and controllers seperate. Sort of an upgrade to the original unit, all the other parts, controlles etc can be used with it. Depends on what you want to use it for and how much you want to spend.

I might wait a bit to see if the new unit has any bugs before upgrading, and not sure about having all that wireless data being beamed so close to my head.

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Hi Alan, so I am considering getting the Oculus Rift. The excel file that you created, will these same steps work for it? I want to be able to look around (track head movement) as well as move forward, back, left or right using the controller, but also be able to teleport. I am completely new to VR, but this would be great to figure out.

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@ccwHi haven’t tried the Rift setup but I think we can figure it out. When setting up the controllers this is where it should be done. Will look at it next week when back from holidays.

Check web for Oculus setup and Unity.

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Thank you, Alan. Yes, I am going to get onto the Oculus development site and see what I can find as well.

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@ccwIn London at present, back to Sydney next week.

Check out the VRTK videos and at the start of the setup you should see any section where they select either oculus or steam. Hopefully the rest is similar. Will look later.

Good luck.

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@Brad Wetherall Firstly, in a way we are all new to VR as it's always changing and evolving, lol, welcome to the club!


Secondly, yep, you can use Unity to bring your Vectorworks models into VR for viewing on standalone headsets like Gear VR, Daydream or Oculus Go. @ccw Alan is right, the quality isn't the same as Vive or Rift, but being untethered and more affordable may make sharing with clients easier.


Here are a few key pointers to help light the way:

Download the free-for-personal-use version of Unity if you haven't already. Play around and experiment your way to success!

Export your Vectorworks model a .obj (exporting as grouped objects that share materials)

Implement Virtual Reality Toolkit into your Unity Project. They have a great youtube channel.

Set your build settings in Unity for your desired platform. So for example, if you are building for Oculus Go, you would select the Android Platform.


VR has been such a joy for me to learn, I wish the same for you! Good luck 🙂


P.S. You might be interested to join the 'Vectorworks to VR' Facebook group, a growing community of Vectorworks users with a passion for all things VR!

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