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clipped surface texture bed


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Are you trying to show 3d view with the planting "island" in the road?

One way:

•Draw the clipped poly - keep a copy on another layer.

•Send to surface - this will create a group of conjoined shapes with dividing line through the island

• Enter the group, select the polys, AEC>Objects from Shapes>Site Modifyer>Texture bed. Enable Retain source objects.

• The resulting group will have the source polys and the texture bed outlines. Send the source polys to another layer. Texture beds can be on another layer, too if model is pref'd to allow.

• Class the texture beds as needed and assign textures.

Or, you could copy the 2d island shape, send to surface and fill/texture same as site model. Sort of a patch. But that will not have the site model contour and other plug in info.



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Using a Sent to Surface poly as the source object creates a texture bed with way too many points.

Best to leave the T Bed source poly on the layer plane and split it through the island. Then select both parts of the split poly and apply Create Objects from Shapes>Site Modifier>Texture Bed. Way fewer vertices.

Disable Show edges in renders if the split line is a problem.

Or was the orig post trying to do something else?



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