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Hidden Line Visibility/Render/View Issue

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With either an extrude or creation of a floor from a composed/closed polygon, most objects render (both in design layer and sheet layer viewports) without top surfaces, which shows geometry/lines that should be hidden by perspective (sides, bases, etc).

OpenGL recognizes that top surfaces exist, but if a hidden line is applied in the design layer or as a foreground render in a viewport, what should be hidden is visible and messes with the rendering.

Feel like it's something simple, but it's causing a bit of head scratching.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Top surfaces should be created as long as the source poly was both closed AND had a solid fill applied. If you are getting extrudes that seem to be just empty shells, please post an example VWX here and I can take a closer look. Rendering mode should not affect which surfaces are rendered solid and which are not.

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Got it. Some polys operated as closed by default, and others did not. Adjusting closed setting for each extrude and/or floor poly did the trick. Thanks!

I often found closed/unclosed 3D Polygons in Meshes.

And I'm still not sure if it is better if these are closed or not and how that

can influence the quality of meshes you will go on manipulating or convert

to solids.

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