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Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

When I have my drawings printed, the 3d door and window tags from the opposite side of the structure are coming through.

(see attachment)

This only is on the printed version, they don't appear on the pdf on my computer.

What the heck!


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

To clarify, do you mean you are emailing the PDF to company that is printing it?

If thats the case and you don't see it locally, there may be an issue with the PDF viewing application being used. I would normally recommend checking other viewers (Preview, Adobe Reader, CutePDF) but if you arent the one getting the printing trouble and its just happening for a print shop, I am not sure what the issue could be unless they have driver issues.

If you print the files locally and theyre fine, then there normally wouldn't be anything you'd need to change in Vectorworks. It may be worth enabling "Rasterize Text" in the PDF export though, that should send all the text as an image instead, which readers/printers should have less issue with.

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Had exactly the same issue as the OP. Door and window tags invisible in sheet layers rendered in hidden line suddenly became visible, when exported as PDF either as a single file or batch published. When the resulting PDF's are open with MAC OS X 10.10.2 Preview application the offending ID tags appear, however when the same PDF's are open with Adobe Reader 9 the ID tags are not visible.

Apparently is an issue of the PDF viewer application rather than a VW issue.

I tried the "rasterize text" option and there was no change. While Mac OS X gets updated the solution will be to warn the PDF recipient to use Adobe Reader only when printing.

Best Regards

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