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Missing text when viewing PDFs from apple products

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Our office uses a 'Futura' font for our text, both in our title block and for text within drawings. We are having issues exporting to PDF though. Any of our clients viewing the drawings on apple products are unable to see the text - there is just blank space where the text should be.

Why would this be? They are able to see the Futura font on PDFs when exported from Word and other programs, just not Vectorworks. It's also viewed perfectly from PC's. Will we need to change the font, or is there a pdf export setting that can be adjusted?

Thanks for your help!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

No export settings will correct it at the moment that I am aware of. So far its been linked to an issue with Apple/Adobe, so we have to wait on them. Selecting a font that does work would be a workaround for the time being, as we don't have any kind of timetable on a fix.

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