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Rotating Workgroup References


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Our office is currently setting up its drawing files ahead of the next phase of a large scale project. The plans, sections, elevations etc. are all in separate files. We are using the 'set origin' tool to arrange them so that the gridlines are relative to each other when workgroup referencing. The problem arises when referencing a floorplan into a cross section, because it is not possible to rotate the referenced floorplan so that it is aligned correctly with the section. In Autocad this is simply a matter of rotating the x-ref plan, which would then continue to be updated in its rotated position. A solution would be greatly appreciated.

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We experience this quite often. We NEVER rotate the referenced plan- it is sacred. What we do is create what we call a "Port" layer that has layer links of whatever plans we need. Once these links are unlocked, you can rotate, move, copy and paste to your hearts content. Its a good way to make sure elevations align with the plan. Hope this helps...

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True, that would be a soluition I would have proposed as well. however there are a couple of issues NemetschekNA needs to address in regards to this solution.

1) Layer links on top/plan view need to appear as true floor plans, they currently show as 3D views so one sees the miter joints and other normally hidden things.

2) There is a magnification of lineweights if the scales differ. Especially noticeable going from a Floor plan to a Site plan.

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You need to click the check box "Project 2D Objects" when you create the layer link -- this makes your layer link show as a true floor plan in top/plan view.

Lineweights are an issue. We usually get around it by making all lineweights class attributes, which can be changed from file to file. For example, a "new wall" class can have lineweight 32 in a 1/4 scale drawing. The same class can be set to lineweight 16 in a 1/8 scale workgroup reference file. It's not perfect, but it's workable.

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Thanks for the suggestions, however were still encountering problems. In the floor plan file, I created a linked layer 'CS03' which I then unlocked and rotated 90 degrees so that it would be the correct orientation relative to the cross section. Ok so far. In the cross section file I attempted to workgroup reference the floorplan file selecting only the linked layer 'CS03'. I got the following message:

"A Layer Link has Been Removed From The Referenced Layer 'CS03', As These Are Not Supported There".

Any Idea what the problem might be?

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"In the floor plan file, I created a linked layer 'CS03' which I then unlocked and rotated...In the cross section file I attempted to workgroup reference the floorplan file selecting only the linked layer 'CS03'..."

Sounds like in this case you want the floorplan as the reference; section as the target file. Set up the Workgroup reference first (floorplan to section); then in the target file make a new layer, and in that layer create a layer link of the referenced layer. This you can move, rotate, etc. and it should remain as modified the next time the file is opened.


[ 02-19-2003, 07:16 AM: Message edited by: Carl Burns ]

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Thanks everyone, that did the trick. My only concern is that using this method I now have two instances of the floorplan in the cross section- the reference and the linked layer from the reference. This seems unnecessarily heavy when you consider that there are 10 floors in the building. This may have implications for file size and speed..........

Thanks Again.. Ga

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I don't think I've ever tried referencing 10 layers into a file at once. But in my more limited experience, neither they nor layer links have all that much of an effect on file size or speed when working in the file. I think that the more layers you have referenced, though, the longer the file takes to open, if you have them set to update automatically.

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