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Rotating Entourage Vehicles in 3D

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Does anybody have any answers to rotating entourage vehicles in 3D?

For example, I have a sloped driveway and I want to match that slope with the vehicle so that I'm not sinking into the virtual driveway. I'm finding that not all the vehicles from the different collections are modelled the same way. Some vehicles seem to have double skins making changing colours difficult.

I've opened the symbol and selected everything and tried to rotate but only some of the components rotated. I've tried grouping everything in the symbol and I still get parts not rotating as though it was locked but is not.

This should be a very simple thing to do and I'm getting frustrated with it.

Wish List: be able to rotate any entourage vehicle to suite modelling conditions without some work around.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It shouldn't be required that the user do this.

I have had a number of bugs filed recently about groups in groups or groups in symbols not moving or rotating with the main object, I'll see if this is directly related or needs a new filing.

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Great idea! " ...it would be great if you could 'Send to surface" a vehicle and it would position itself based on the current model."

I found my first request to VW Tech Support for info on how to use the "Send to Surface" outside of the DTM world. Its dated 7/26/05 … Never got it to do what I wished it would do. Essentially act as Gravity.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The entourage vehicles are hybrid symbols, which can't be rotated about the X or Y axes. What you should do is convert it to a 3D-only symbol, which can be freely rotated in 3D. (I recommend doing this on a copy of the original symbol.) Edit the 2D portion of the symbol, select all, then Cut. Exit. Now you have a 3D only symbol. Rotate it as desired.

I'd like to know more about the "Double skins" you mention...

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  • 1 month later...

"Jim it would be great if you could 'Send to surface" a vehicle and it would position itself based on the current model."

This can be done and I Have seen it done by Jonathon Pickup, but just cant remember how, but give me time.

Jonathon is a great source of knowledge.

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Ok, this is how Jonathon does it, Hope I don't get into trouble giving away secrets but for a subscription for a year you can get access to a huge body of knowledge and I have learnt so much, Some people drink or smoke this amount of money in a couple of weeks. So money well spent for this.

Anyways Jonathon takes the symbol and deletes the 2d component of the model and keeps it as a symbol, then he puts it on the site with the automatic working plane active and the the symbol follows the face (Slope) of the model.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

That IS a good trick. You're right, I had seen it before but had forgotten.

I think its alright to share a few tricks from Jonathan Pickup as long as we trade him a nice plug for his work ;)


It's really good stuff guys. WAY more specific tips and tricks than you'll find in our Getting Started Guide series. I can't recommend his work enough.

(He will be at the Design Summit if you want to say hello, I think I'm actually picking him up from the airport.)

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