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Black lines when zoomed

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I'm getting some odd black lines, which look like some kind of bounding box, when I am zoomed into a selected object. This only occurs when I'm zoomed in very close, at least 5000%. The larger the object, the smaller the level of zoom required to get these black lines to appear. Sometimes it is just a horizontal line through an object handle, sometimes a horizontal and vertical both through the handle. Anyone else seeing this? Not impossible, but an annoyance when you are trying to see what is going on (the reason for zooming in!)

VW 10.0.1


P4 2.2Gh

768 MB RAM

geforce4 ti 4200

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Bruce, Katie, thanks - I do use 8 selection handles, getting rid of the annoyance is not worth turning that off.

On the geforce driver, my "version" is a more complicated situation than Katie's single number seems to suggest. The "driver" is, according to my system info, a whole series of files, mostly .dll's, which have numbers that are formatted differently.

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