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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Walls and Round Walls can create the majority of this, but for the segments where the walls vary in thickness gradually along the length (something you can't really do with Wall objects directly in Vectorworks) you would use Create Wall Projection and add the curving areas manually, which could just be made from extrudes.

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hi i would trace the outer wall then the inner wall making sure they are closed areas

extrude to the required height and then use the subtract solids tool

or used the clip surface tool and then extrude the shape to the required height

i know you will then have to cut some doorways/windows in by using the subtract solid and manually add the door/window items

because i work in exhibit design i don't always need to have walls in my models

although i sometimes find it useful


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Good point, if you don't need wall objects, it would be much easier to trace and do it completely out of extrusions. That way would be relatively simple.

It isn't perfect, but its worth giving Trace Bitmap a try and seeing how much geometry you can get it to create for you automatically. Import that image into Vectorworks and them Modify > Trace Bitmap:


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If the windows and doors work without the walls then i'm fine without using them yes.. It is only for rendering and showing not to use in a actual project so...

I will try using Modify > Trace Bitmap: option and see how it goes, thanks

If it goes well i will come back to show how it went :P

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you will have to create your own windows and doors to the sizes of the apertures

you need

the insert windows and doors will not work with this method

the trace bitmap is ok if the source file is good but to you won't find it to long to trace the outlines

the polyline tool is good for this

toggle through the menu using the (U) key to get a mixture of line and curves you require to trace the image

you can put the image on a layer and use a 50% transparency and then

create another layer to use as the trace file this way you can see what your doing

more clearly but don't forget to use the same layer scale

if the image comes imports into the drawing without a scale but you know one of

the measurements use the scale tool

current distance/new distance this is really good and will scale the image so you have a true scale to work with


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I've used Mr Pickup's 3D Modelling technique to make Mass Models and one can use the outline to make walls or trace WALLS on top of the Model. While this works it only seems to work for walls that have horizontal tops, it seems one may not use the CLIP or SPLIT LINE tools without the WALL object being transformed into 3D Polygons.

- Is there a way to use other objects to CLIP or edit the top shape of walls and keep these as walls?

- Is a Mass Model just that, a nice 3D Object with no use other than a reference or a starting point within the drawing?

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