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Simple solution to brick-texturing a curving brick boarder?

Luke Gilmer

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How might I texture a single curving bricked boarder? This is a single brick solder course, delineating graveled patio areas and grass or garden areas. Rendering options don't handle such a surface that is not rectilinear, or spherical, or cylindrical.

Has anybody successfully used the 'duplicate alone a path', using a 'single brick' (basically I'd be tiling (crude rendering) my single brick along the boarder path)? Any other solution that has worked for you?


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I use Duplicate Along Path with pavers in curved arrays. Make a symbol of one paver and DAP the symbol to reduce the drawing size.

Depending how fussy the required result, the path object can be broken into different segments and apply DAP to each segment with spacing changed to get closest possible packing. Applying DAP to the whole curve will cause gaps or overlaps of the pavers (unless the curves are all same radius and tangent).

Probably some other solutions out there, too. I forget, does the hardscape border tool work for this?


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Benson, thank you. It worked. I did have to break sections up, as you suggested, to get the brick duplication to look okay. I also had to fuss with getting the initial rotation of my 'brick' sample for the arrayed bricks to look okay on complex curves with multiple inflection points. It was a bit of undo and redo, but the final result was good.

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You can do this by using a wall and changing the top and sides of the materials.

The attached is a wall with another wall on top and I did the top material to a cylinder and the sides to normal and adjusted the scale.

See attached movie as to how i do it.

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