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Alan Woodwell

Lost items when VW crashes

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Anyone else lost parts of their building when VW crashes??

When doing a rendering (Final Quality) on an internal room the program can start to not respond then crash. When I re open the file sometimes I find some items and parts of walls missing and the back up doesn't even have the information so its start over. It's all random things that can disappear.

My computer should be able to handle the rendering and its got some serious gear in it and has a liquid cooled jacket.

Any ideas on getting the information back or preventing this, i now save before any render.


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Before I start a render I always create a copy of the file I've been working on as a "just in case" I put it in another folder so at least I have something to fall back on just in case I loose some of the geometry as you have mentioned.....hope this helps

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Be interesting if you made a layer copy of the layer that you are having a problem with just before you render then switch that of.... If you do then loose some components it would be interesting to see if the components have been affected in the layer copy when switched back on just a thought......

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I am having a similar issue with section viewports and extrudes/extrude along paths. Vectorworks crashed while updating a couple of hidden line elevation viewports. After VW crashed, I opened the backup file to save some of the work that I had done before I was able to save. I can view the missing geometry in other views, but it will not show up on any section viewports. If I cut a new section viewport, it still doesn't show, even with all classes and layers turned on.

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