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J. Wallace

The use of stake objects as site modifiers

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Question about using stakes as site modifiers.

The first image shows some stakes-purple represents the actual model elevations the black are set as modifiers. This is a small pond with some of the fill going uphill to create a mound. I thought using stake objects might be the easiest approach. The results are not great as it seems a stake object has limited effect once you move away from it. The question is two fold:

A) is this a good approach in this situation

b) if yes then I imagine I need to space these stakes a certain distance to get a mound effect...if no then what would you suggest? Thanks

additional info: the pond is made up of two pads. Grade limits are well outside the pond and land area.

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Hi J.


I seem to have a similar issue.

We have had VW for a short while now, but we are using it to create a site model based on our previously designed levels. Also to see if they work with the water flow.

It appears that stakes produce localised depressions and peaks, rather than having a wider effect on the site model.

In your case, if you are creating a pond, then a series of contours or pads - one per each depth, e.g. every 250 mm. They should modify the site model to faithfully shape the bowl of your pond. I think you should also have a Grade Limit object of the shape of your pond to containg the modifications within it. I am writing that from top of my head, but when having some time I will see if I didn't miss any step.

I hope this helps.

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