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Walls linked to layer below??!


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I have the following drawing in 2015:

5 Townhouses in 2 blocks.

Each block is 3 levels.

Each level is one VW Design layer with it's own story height and wall height.

Exterior walls class and Interior walls class.

Fine. All seemed good… Walls were/are the right height… visually (2D & 3D).

But when you select some walls, the info window shows the following:

Height: 8'0"

Top Bound: Layer Wall Height

Top Offset: 19'2 1/2"

Bot Bound: Layer Elevation

Bot Offset: 19'2 1/2"

If I try and change the Top or Bottom offsets to 0, the wall (visible in iso), grows.

So… change the bottom offset to 0 and the bottom of the wall in iso extends DOWN 19'2 1/2"

What gives???

Anyone else have this happen?



VW 2015 SP 2

iMac 3.4 GHx i7 w/24 GB RAM

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Otto - Bumping this post with a half answer. The goal is to have top and bottom offsets z=0?

I had something like this - walls failing to adjust to Layer z.

Can't test it now, but I think one solution was to create a new layer with similar name via the Story dialog, assign the layer z value in the Story dialog, then transfer everything from the problem layer into this new layer. Then delete the empty layer and change the name of the new layer. Quite a pain. For some reason, existing layers did not properly "link" to the story system. Could someone with more Layer/Level expertise please confirm this.

I may also have moved the wall z value up or down enough to zero out the bottom offset, then adjusted the offsets again. Can't remember if this worked.

In a related situation, I had a stepped foundation and pasted a wall from another side of the building. Wall was assigned to Top of Foundation, but It did not follow the stepping. I found that if I Group, then Ungroup, the bottom of wall would adjust to meet Top of Foundation and follow the steps. This worked only where bottom of wall was above the foundation. Any parts of the wall "embedded" in the foundation, just stayed where they were.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

To some degree, it depends on how your wall style is set up. If your wall style uses components and the components are bound to levels, then what's in the OIP is the binding condition for the container class of the wall (look in the Insertion Options tab)

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