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Dual monitor consideration

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I'm considering a purchase of another monitor (so I would be running dual) but am not sure if it will have any negative effects on my current system which you see below. I currently use a 24" ASUS PA 248Q which I'm thrilled with. Lots of adjustment in terms of height and angle plus its very easy on your eyes. So the thought was to add a second to increase or speed up my work flow as I'm often referencing site images.

My concern is rendering and the effects a second monitor may have on this. Thanks for your comments.

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Actually tried dual monitors a few years back, thinking it would give me screen space. I didn't like, because I put my pallets and tools on one screen, and then is was just that much slower to get to them. Simply bought a bigger monitor.....

For those that use them, what seems to work best?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I use two both at work and at home, however I almost never spread a single app across both of them because of the distance needed to move between the document and a palette. More often than not one monitor will have the main app I am working in, (Vectorworks, Photoshop or Screenflow) then the other will have either emails or a webpage up depending upon what my current task is.

However, my job is a bit more like a switchboard operator than an Architect, say. My usage may be very different than others here. If I had a choice between two smaller monitors and one much larger, wide format one, I would go with the wide format one every time.

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For what it's worth....I too use dual monitors but always place palletes and tools on the right monitor and drawings on the left monitor. I like the clutter free approach to my left side drawing monitor, although I do place the attributes pallete on the left for quick access. I find the cursor movement back and forth to be a non issue. I can do this quickly and accurately. I have wondered what it would be like with just the 27" iMac to work on. I have an older 24"iMac for drawings plus a smaller Cinema Display for tools and palletes. I checked out the 27" 5K Retina display recently. Wow...that is one gorgeous display. One day.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

At work I have a Dell 24" for the main screen and a MacBook Pro as the small screen - I too keep my palettes on the small screen but occasionally drag one over onto the main screen if I'm doing alot of back and forth stuff.

I have the same set-up at home that has been working fine for a long time.

I have a Workspace set up for training so you can see my palettes on the 24.

Could I go to a big-ass 27...sure


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I like using two monitors. A wide screen type for my primary is a must. With my palettes either to the far left or right of the primary. This way I can see it all by only moving my eyes and not my head. My second screen I usually place reference materials like a pdf or second drawing file with the screen slightly to one side of the centre primary screen. I seem to acquire less paper clutter over my keyboard and mouse surface by doing so.

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I guess I should mention that I use a 32" monitor now to solve the space problem, and at various times have had up to 40" monitors, converted from older TV or shared use at my desk. I do have a second monitor used mostly for TV now.

One point about super size monitors, I actually get sore necks and have to make sure my adjustable chair is as high as it goes to avoid looking up all day......

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Two monitors here. Most of my palettes are on my right screen. I do keep my tools pinned on my working screen to keep them close for quick access. I like keeping as much work/drawing space available for a big close-up picture. When I first started my career in drafting I was using a 17inch crt monitor. Gotta wonder sometimes how it was ever done, though tablets were very common then too and many tools and symbols were accessed from the tablet.

Dual monitors is a huge asset and well worth a couple hundred bucks for a decent monitor.


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