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steve s

2d and 3d plan workflow?

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I made filled polly lines to represent paths ,and other spaces with trees and some buildings. Everything looks great in plan.

When I rotate to 3D view filled polylines they look fine but when rendering Non OpenGl, the fill colors all blend together.

So I changed the filled polylines to 3d polys now they render correctly.

but 2D lines are so much easier to work with if I need changes i would love to leave them 2D.

Question 1 . Can I get the colors to not "bleed" together when rendering 2D polys in a 3D view.

Question 2. What do other people do when wanting to show 2d plans in 3d,? is it necessary to make a true 3D drawing with all polys 3D?

I have tried adjusting lighting and backgrounds but nothing seems to fix this.


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Well, I think the blended colors look really cool! But what do I know??

It kind of looks like textures with transparency on overlapping surfaces, or many objects stacked, or maybe objects that are degrading because too far from drawing origin. Can you post a small file with same blending result?

Does the same thing happen in a new drawing containing just a couple polys with similar edge arrangement? You have lots of image props (as symbols, I hope). Processor or graphics card stressed out?

Cheater workflow #1:

Make a layer for ground plane objects - all 2d shapes.

Duplicate the layer and make it active, select all, extrude to 0 or very small z value.

Result is a single extrude, but individual shapes retain their colors. Ungroup or Edit to see the individual extrudes.

OR select all, convert to 3d polys. Result is a group containing 3d polys with individual colors retained. Ungroup either if desired.

When the design changes, work on the 2d layer, duplicate the 2d layer and extrude or convert all in the new layer. (Hide or delete the older 3d layers)

Note, image props, text, everything else should go on other layers so they don't have to be recreated or transferred when a new ground plane is created.

Cheater workflow #2

Create the 2d shapes, capture an image, create a texture from the image, apply the texture to a single big planar object.

Probably a bunch of other ways

OR adopt the site model work flow with pads, texture beds, etc.

Others will have more ideas.


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Thanks Benson for the tips,

this "Bleeding" only seems to happen or is noticeable on very close up perspective views, from a distance the colors stay separate.

They are overlapping Filled Polylines, I didn't think overlapping would be an issue, but again all is fine until in a close up 3d view.

It would be so much easier to make changes if I could just use 2d polys.

I made a new file and converted the 2ds to 3d. Its working fine.

I think your suggestion 1 will work well in the future.

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Steve, glad it's making sense.

I often use that 1st idea with 2d on one layer for same reasons as you, then duplicate them into another later and extrude everything. With changes to 2d elements, I can work with the 2d shapes and either replace the old extrudes, or create a new 3d layer for each revision.

I often need some 3d detail, so adjust extrude heights and bottom z values - roads usually lowest, road stripes are 6" higher, then the curbs and walks, seatwalls are higher, etc. Curb ramps and a few other elements require some further modeling.

You'll find something that works for you!


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hi, steve.

for what its worth, i most always keep a 2d layer and a 3d layer, similar to what benson is describing. though vw hybrid on objects can work in both realm, i find it easier to create and modify this way. but, i am not a purist by any means and my method gets a little mixed, as only i can make sense. but, this is personal and as benson says, you will eventually find what works for you.

by the way, i wish extrudes were hybrid 2d-3d objects. that would save a lot of extra steps. (i rely on the floor tool a lot.)



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Wish -

an AutoHybrid checkbox in OIP of all Extrudes which would bring up an extended OIP with the AutoHybrid controls.

I like it Ray.

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