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Is there a way to auto count symbols?

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Tools ---> Reports --- Create Report

You get a Window.

Under "List all" select "Symbols"

Add "Symbol Name" and "Quantity" to your Worksheet

check "Summarize Objects with same: select --> "Symbol Name"

Place the List in an Empty Part of your Drawing

done. :-)

You get a List of all Symbols with the count of them used.


It doesn't count nested Symbols which would be a nice feature

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One may also create a Database to assemble the information in way that will total all the examples of each kind of symbol.

If you just want a number of ALL the symbols on a drawing, you could do a custom selection:


Custom Selection_

Command-Select (Radio Button)_

Option (either Immediately or create a VectorScript (Handy if you want to do this again) (Radio Button)

- Select the Criteria Button at the bottom

- Choose Symbol from the List of Objects Drop Down on the Left side

- The Number of Symbols will be displayed

- One may choose to Select all these Symbols (OK Button) or Cancel after noting the total. This way one will get a total of Symbols that may be nested or Grouped

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If you need something down and dirty, you could also just make a custom selection in the document, selecting an instance of the symbol you're wanting to count. The other suggestions are perhaps more thorough, however, if you're just wanting to find out how many of a specific symbol are in your current drawing, the custom selection option only takes a few seconds.

Tools >> Custom Selection >> Select Only

Hit Enter

Select :

"Symbol" >> "Is" and then a drop down box allowing you to choose the symbol you'd like to select.

The Advantage (or disadvantage depending on how you look at it) is that this will only select symbols on the active design layer. To search through the entire drawing, make sure you've selected "Show/Snap/Modify Others" in the Layer tab of the Navigation Palette.

Just another way to skin the cat!

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