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Materials scheduling

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I would like to automatically create schedules of materials such as total linear lengths and areas of walls. I thought I could do this simply by creating a record format with suitable fields and then using the wall tool, merrily draw walls all over the drawing, create a report which would give me the information. However to do this I have to manually enter, in the object info shape pallette, the lengths and heights of every wall from information provided in the data area. What a chore! Is there an automatic way of doing this. Many thanks in great anticipation.

Chris tebbutt [Confused]

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It's difficult to get the area of a wall or walls.

The only way I can think of to do this is to convert the walls to 3d polys and ungroup and add the surface of all the objects together.

That's way too much work, messes up the walls and forget it if you have doors and windoww.

There may be a way to do this with VS though. You can try to post this question over at the VS section too and see what kind of feedback you get there.

Now, if you want the area of a room or floor, that's much easier.

Using Room Finish on a floor then creating a report from Room Finish record gives you the area of the floors/rooms in a worksheet.

The Space tool also gives you the area.

You can then create a report based on the Space objects.

You can get area of objects in worksheets without using records using the =area command.

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As an integral part of developing Wall Framer, I had to extract wall dimensions and also symbol dimensions within the wall. My ultimate goal in developing the program was to produce a list of materials. As a start, the program reported all the framing needed for the walls and eventually, I was going to report on all the sheathing and roof framing required.

Since NNA now owns the program, they already have the code to extract wall information and should not take them that long to develop a list of materials.

Besides the wall area, what other information would you like to get?

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Finishes applied to walls. 1 line of a plaster schedule might say 12mm dense plaster applied one side to

- 100 thick lightweight concrete blocks, height - 2400mm, area - 480 m2

Other items that might be attached to different wall and finishes would be such elements as skirtings, picture

rails, coving, tiles. Some of these elements are lineage schedules such as skirtings and some are area information such as tiles on walls.

the same approach would be applied to floor and ceilings i.e. floor - 200m2 of 150mm x 50 mm timber joists @

max 450 mm crs - finish - 200m2 20mm ply.

I trust I have understood your question. As an architect, the items raised above are the issues that would interest me.

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