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Move element relative to document origin?

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This seems like a simple thing... hopefully its something obvious that I'm just missing, but there are times I'd like to move the position of an element to a point in the drawing relative to the document origin, but the element doesn't have the option to modify the X, Y, Z coordinates in the OIP. Groups of objects are a great example of this.

Is there a way to take a group or other element that does not have the X, Y, Z coordinates in the OIP and move it relative to the document origin?

For example, in a front elevation, I'd like to take a group of 3D polygons or symbols, and move them such that the bottom of the group rests at 0' 0" off the floor.

Hope that makes sense!



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Bugs me, too when the xyz is not available in 3d views.

Kevin's idea of symbol should work. Select the object(s), Create Symbol, Move the symbol via OIP xyz or by drag or Move by Points. If needed, Convert to Group, and delete the symbol from Resource Browser.

Another idea, use some guide objects:

Place two 3d loci - one in start location, the other in target location. Group the objects needing relocation and use Move by Points to move the group from locus #1 to locus #2. One or both loci could be inside the group.

Some arrangements may work with the Align Command.

Group the objects if needed. Place a 3d locus at z=0 (or other value).

Apply the command > Align Bottom.

The locus stays in position and all the other objects move up or down to align bottom with locus.


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Kevin, how have you used the 3d Align? 2d is my "go to" for Align. I'm too used to switching to a standard view and using Cmd= to engage the Align command, so almost never interact with the 3d Align dialog. The 3d align looks especially useful for working in non standard working planes, but I have not needed yet.

Not sure how you mean relative to an axis. Does adding a 3d locus or locked object do what you are describing? The 3d locus stays in place and becomes a reference object defining the min, max and ctr. for the selection in the 3d Align. Same behavior in the 2d Align. This was "discovered by accident" in my case. Although I found out later it is well documented in VWX Help.

Help languished on my hard drive for all those versions with Adobe Air(head). I mostly ignored it. At my own peril, apparently! It's waaay better now.


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