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spread of light

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i am trying to limit the distance of light spread from light that i have put into

a scene using the point light mode

the light is in a showcase and i want to limit the spread from the light to 1m or 3 ft

so it doesn't illuminate the whole of the interior room.....

in fact i have 8 showcases in the scene with 2 lights in each i still want the

brightness within the showcase area but not in the interior room


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Phil: light doesn't work that way. And the point light tool attempts to mimic what a true point source does.That said, choosing "smooth" or "realistic" from the Point Light Specs... sheet would get you closer to what you want. After that, try the Custom Light or Spotlight modes. I often use the "Spotlight" Fixtures, as I can shutter them off areas I do not wish to illuminate.

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