Hi, Does anybody know if its possible to create a worksheet (door/Window schedule) with the IFC entity psets? It would be good not to type in the informations twice. Like fire and acoustic rating. If you want the info to follow into the IFC model you have to type it in under "IFC Data", "Object properties", "Pset_DoorCommon" (if its a door). And you can fill in fire and acoustic properties. Here also the "type" in the IFC file is edited under "reference". To edit the ID Tag under the object info pallet is not a problem that follows the IFC file, but if you use "settings" to fill inn "data" about fire rating it does not follow the IFC model. So if I´m going to do a worksheet only the "settings" data follows not the data under Psets. Is it possible to get the info in the Pset into the worksheet? To type it twice is a source for mistakes. Ida