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Andy Broomell

Eyedropper Tool with Callouts


I want to be able to use the Eyedropper tool on Callout Objects, with the "Plug-In Parameters" option checked in the Eyedropper settings... WITHOUT it copying the text of one Callout to another.

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Hi @Andy Broomell


Did you try submitting your above sentiment in the Wishlist Forum


I came across your post while researching and verifying a bug with the Eyedropper tool in VW2018 SP4 (23.0.4) & VW2019 SP0 (24.0.0):


EDIT: Of bug description: Attributes copied from any object and applied to a Callout using the Eyedropper tool effectively get applied - according to the resultant settings shown in the Attributes palette - BUT none of those attributes render onscreen except for the Fill Style. The most recent version I've found to be free from this condition is VW2017 SP5 (22.0.5). VW2018 SP4 & VW2019 SP0 feature this bug/behaviour. 


NOTE: As one might expect based on @Andy Broomell's comment, turning ON the Eyedropper tools preference 'Plug-in Parameters' results in all attributes transferring, but then so does the text/content as the leader line position/geometry. 


Bug report submitted: VB-154901

Edited by Jeremy Best
Updated info and made grammatical corrections.

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Hi @Jeremy Best! The post was indeed in the Wishlist forum, but it was a long time ago so thank you for bumping.


Essentially there needs to be a way to copy parameters like Bubble Style and Text Margin from one Callout to another without it also copying the text from one to the other.


And to your point, I am also seeing a bug where eyedropping pen color isn't working properly for Callouts.

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