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Which Mouse for CAD under OS X ?

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OK, I'm for keeping it simple. Note, I work on a 15" screen.

Logitech M325 (replaces my old M505).

Logitech Control Center.

$13.00 US

Cordless, one AA battery.

Tracking is very good.

No extra buttons - Right, Left, Scroll, Scroll click (ignored) and L/R (ignored).

The scroll is really improved from older Logitech.

Small hand print so that I can shift positions during work.

Clickers are stiff enough to prevent inadvertent clicks.


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I've used the Razer Death Adder for the past couple of years.

I found that most mice on the market were too small in my hand so you were forever having to grip them with your finger tips instead of moving them with the palm one's hand.

This is a corded mouse with close to 1.8M[6'] of braided cord. Held with the right hand. Has two well place thumb buttons which are good for layer/page up and down functions. There is a driver for both Mac and Windows platforms. It uses the cloud to remember your settings should you use more than one computer. Those settings can be application specific and/or global. The polling/scanning rate is adjustable from 100 to 3500. I use it at 1800. And if you are a admirer of glitz/glamor the internal led lights can be on or off with one model having changeable colours. Check around on the price. This isn't a dollar store mouse and I have seen some outlets price it over $20 above the average retail price which was about CAN$65 last time I bought one (Jan 2015).

Driver/software updates seem to be automatic on both platforms.

The only problems I've had is on glass and wood grain finishes. Then I lay down a playing card mat which is essentially a thin mouse pad the size of a large placemat.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I am a little surprised by how many of you have moved into gaming mice with more radical designs, for some reason I pictured a lot of our users sticking with one of these bad boys:


I have had quite a few calls where I had to convince them that yes, Macs can very much indeed right-click, it is not a myth, the legends are true. ;)

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Is that the one that was buried in the time capsule?

I use different mice throughout the day - it helps: magic mouse ( which I too hated and parked for 6 mths until I needed a change and now actually really enjoy) , wacom art pen, wacom mouse but I'm considering the gaming mouse mentioned above - efficiency & comfort are always welcome.

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For Logitech M500

For the Logotech M500,

as I (nearly) got used to the cursor and scroll movement now,

my biggest problem is the scroll wheel / middle button.

As the wheel clicks side ways for horizontal scrolling, which I have

deactivated, it will fail to middle click, if you accidentally clicked

side ways before.

It is the hardest mouse for MMB that I had so far.


- the cursor jitters and moves after system awakes from sleep

- can't find a suitable speed and precision without acceleration control for cursor speed

- can't find a suitable speed for scroll wheel, although acceleration can be controlled

- mouse body is too small for my, not too big hand

- driver setting forgets STRG/SHIFT/CMD setting for special clicks

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Unfortunatly MC seems to stop the production of their popular Mouses.

I bought a RAT 5 in a shop but have ordered one of the last RAT 7 available.

Will see if I will really get it.

There will be a 200 € Super-Mouse with Bluetooth 4 soon, but it gets a

4-way scroll wheel like I did not like at my Logitech.

The RAT 5 cursor movement feels very good, even without the OS X driver.

Same for Scroll Wheel and Middle Click. It feels very high-quality.

So far the my best Mouse for VW's MMB view rotation.

Software looks to be unnecessary (?)

DPI setting is not Laser resoulution as you would think but mainly the cursor

speed, which is ok here as I really like its default speed/acceleration ratio.

Not sure but I think the DPI setting by a physical button should work without

the MC Software/driver (?)

Important for me was the length setting of the palm rest.

Nevertheless that mouse body does not fit to my hand.

Hope I will get used to it after some time.

RMB is very sensitive.

The driver software is a bit strange, as you can set 3 Modes for all buttons

including the 2 side buttons. But not per App as you are used by Logitch or

Microsoft drivers. You have to switch between Modes manually by a hardware


I find horizontal Scroll Barrel hard to reach.

And I miss the optional Pinky Rest which is included in the RAT 7.

All in all I am very happy with that kind of Gamer Mouse.

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Been using Kensington Turbo Track ball with Vectorworks / MiniCad since 1995, never any issues with drivers or software, and once you get used to a track ball (2 days) you will never go back to a mouse. Switched to slim blade version 2 years ago. Have 6 Turbo's dating back 10 years and they all work fine, plug in and go. Check it out, you will not regret.

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As I prefer a corded mouse over a wireless mouse, I've been curious about this mouse, the 3Dconnexion CadMouse. (Very creatively named). I have not seen it in person but it has some interesting features: I wonder if the quick-zoom and radial menu buttons would be supported in Vw.

Based on past poor Vw support of the SpaceNavigator, I probably shouldn't get my hopes up.

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^ looks good.

If it is large enough for my hand it could be cool.

Attention !

MadCatz users, stay with Yosemite.

MadCatz does not work with El Capitan !

LMB, MMB, RMB and Scrollwheel work fine, even without driver.

But all OS X UI Mouse Overs don't work anymore, for any Mouse (!),

as soon as MadCatz cord is connected to USB.

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I remember that mac mouse, fortunately I don't have to use it anymore. Optical mice are much more pleasant.

Even though it is a notebook mouse, the Logitech Anywhere MX works really nice, got it because at the time it was the one of the first mice with a laser that works on almost any surface. It may be a bit small but it is easy to move around.

So-called ergonomic mice (and keyboards) are a hit and miss, as it really depends on the person, for me they're more miss than hit.

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Attention !

MadCatz users, stay with Yosemite.

MadCatz does not work with El Capitan !

LMB, MMB, RMB and Scrollwheel work fine, even without driver.

But all OS X UI Mouse Overs don't work anymore, for any Mouse (!),

as soon as MadCatz cord is connected to USB.

@zoomer: I found a MacRumors forum post related to 'mouse over' problems with Yosemite and Madcatz mice that sounds like your description; maybe their solution will work for you until Madcatz releases new drivers for 10.11 El Capitan.

MacRumors : Mouse Not Working Properly

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I tried it with driver uninstall and reboots, did not work for me.

Several new driver installs either.

I saw a screenshot of one getting his madcatz driver to work in EC,

but would say that it will not work properly until MadCatz releases a new driver.

And I'm a little doubting that they will soon (or at all)

I will try that USB Overdrive soon, but that should not work against non mouse overs.

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Yes, I looked for Disabled Apps (not there) or Migration Quarantine,

just some Apple Software and Settings, nothing related found.

Should be just Apples System Integrity Protection, which I don't want to

deactivate (so far ;) )

But I notice a lot of small things and settings that no more work in EC in general.

Should have waited until 10.11.2 at least :)

No wonder that the last old MS driver (2011) does no more work,

click lags and misses get more and more.

Speed settings have changed in EC too. Buttons stopped working today.

Possible Button Assignments have changed in OS X meanwhile though.

Logitech Body is too small for me, middle click is crappy,

beside I could use it with Steermouse or similar.

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