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Change Symbol Attributes Command

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I'm trying to use the Tools < Utilities < Change Symbol Attrs command, but either I'm not understanding something or it's not working as it should.

In my document I have symbols which contain objects on lots of different classes. The objects all have different fill styles/colors. My goal is to move all of the objects in the symbols to the "None" class without them changing visual appearance.

So I select the "Change Symbol Attrs" command and uncheck all the checkboxes for using class attributes, since I don't want the objects to take on the "None" class properties. I also select "keep the object's existing attributes if no class attribute is used".

But when I click OK... all the attributes get messed up and my fills go away. After testing it seems that even though I selected the first option, it's still "using the document's current default attributes if no class attribute is used".

Can anyone else confirm?

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